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Ptarmigan West began in July of 1990.  Since that time we have been honored to educate thousands of students and therapists on the topic of stroke and dementia.

Currently, you are able to participate in one of our seminars on stroke and dementia.  If you are unable to do that, feel free to browse our e-learning courses at Recreation Therapy E-learning .  


Presenter,  Barbara Bond-Howard, MA, CTRS/R,  has a Masters Degree in Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Northern Colorado and over 35 years of experience working with stroke survivors in rehabilitation facilities, in addition to authoring Introduction to Stroke,  a textbook for therapeutic recreation students, and the Comprehensive Visual neglect Assessment (CVnA).   She lives in the Skagit Valley of Washington state and is married with 3 grown children and 3 grand kittens.








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